A promenade garden by landscape gardener Tanaka Taiami. It’s a beautiful Japanese garden featuring an arrangement of stones brought all the way from Kyoto and five tearooms that appear to blend seamlessly into the scenery. In addition, in this area said to blessed with the perfect conditions for the growth of moss, this garden can be viewed as a beautiful example of a moss garden.


Basic Information

Homepage: http://hoppou-bunka.com/shimizuen/

Telephone: 0254-22-2659

Location: 7-9-32 Daieichou, Shibata, Niigata


March-October: 9am-5pm

November-February: 9am-4:30pm

Closed: Wednesdays in January and February, and at the end-of-year holiday season


Adults: 700 yen

Elementary and Secondary school students: 300 yen


By Train: Around 7 minutes on foot from Shibata Station, on the JR Hakushin Line

By Car: Ten minutes from the Shibata Interchange

Other: Parking Available

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