The Sea of Japan Evening Sun Line

If you drive for ten minutes out of Niigata’s city center, from spring through to summer, you can see the beautiful evening sun within the silhouette of Sado Island in the distance, and in autumn, you can see it sinking into the Sea of Japan.

 Niigata Prefecture is long from north to south, with an amazing 331.3 kilometers of coastline – combined with Sado Island and Awashima Island, the total length amounts to 635.2 kilometers.

Facing that much ocean, Niigata is abounding in spots to view the evening sun from – this coastline is known by the name of “The Sea of Japan Evening Sun Line”.

This spectacle of the evening sun might be seen through the gaps in a rock face, or from a mountain peak, or from a vast shoreline in the distance – this sight comes in many different faces.

What kind of evening sun is your favorite?

I am very fond of the somewhat sorrowful evening sun towards the end of the summer, when the wind is a little cool and the air starts getting chilly.

Why don’t you try to find out which evening sun is your favorite?


The time of the sunset is around 7 o’clock up until about the 15th of August, and after the Bon Festival it becomes a little earlier, at around 6:30.


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