A Rice field at Sasagami village

You might want to draw a picture rather than taking photos by watching this simple beauty of serene rice fields and Mt.Gozu range. There’s a spring water spot near by here, so it’s good to rinse your mouth before you go on a walk around here.

In summer, you can enjoy the glow of fireflies around here. It’s not a firefly hatchery, so this place doesn’t swarm with fireflies though. But you can enjoy natural ones flying modestly. I visited some firefly hatchery (usually very crowded) but I prefer the quiet atmosphere of this place. Their subtle glow always reminds me of the sense of my childhood.


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  1. Tisha

    Now I feel stdipu. That’s cleared it up for me

  2. Jolyn

    You’re a real deep thieknr. Thanks for sharing.


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