Clear Water Runs Through a Mossy Monolith

Kenryukyo (剣龍峡) is a small canyon located at the foot of Mt.Gozu. A stream of clear water runs on a slab of rocks and water drops create a pleasant rhythm. Actually, this place is registered as a sightseeing spot of Shibata city, but since it’s not that famous, people seldom come. I go to Mt. Gozu a few times per a week to refresh myself – this place has become one of my best retreats.

c2Like the Princess Mononoke World

Surrounded by the deep green forrest, a mystic atmosphere drifts around this place where Kodama  (spirits that inhabit trees) might pop up by chance. The glittering light just looks like a true hidden gem. You will be totally purified by taking a deep breath of fresh air.

Photographic Info

  • The appearance of the stream and water drops change according to the amount of rain. (The main stream runs to the right side of the one in the picture.)
  • The morning light through trees makes this canyon more picturesque. So the morning is the best time to take photos.
  • There are a lot of gadflies in the summer time (mainly August). Very annoying.
  • Photo taken at 8:30 am, on Sep 7th, 2015.


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