• Traditional inn hidden among lush trees along a stream in the mountains
  • Member of the Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns
  • Luxurious, natural sodium mineral spring baths

rankeiou inn

Traditional inn hidden among lush trees along a stream in the mountains

This traditional Japanese inn is hidden directly beside a crystal-clear stream. The nearby Ikarashi River and Cape Yagi add to the stunning, natural beauty of this secret hideaway. From sprouting grass and fresh greenery in spring to fireflies and river fun to be had in summer…colorful foliage in the fall to mountains of bright, white snow in winter. Come and experience the excitement of the four seasons. During the coldest nights in February, numerous candles placed outside in the snow-filled gardens light up the property, adding to the romantic mood of the inn.


“Ryokufu-kan” as a tangible cultural property by the government

The Rankeisho Inn’s main building (“Ryokufu-kan”), reconstructed in 1955, is registered as a tangible cultural property by the government. Each room has a different decor and personality that complements its surrounding landscape. A watchtower provides additional viewing opportunities from the top of the building.


Private open-air onsen

There are two kinds of private open-air onsen (hot springs). The first kind, called “ishi-yu”, is constructed out of stones collected from the Igarashi River. The second kind, the 130cm-deep “fuka-yu”, is an unusual style of hot spring in which you bathe standing up. Offered as a set with a sake called “roten de ippai”, you can enjoy the view of the mountain streams while relaxing with a drink in the open-air hot spring.



During this visit, I discovered that we can enjoy “yuki-mi zake.” This is a favorite Japanese pastime where we drink sake while relaxing in an open-air onsen bath, surrounded by views of breathtakingly beautiful snow-covered mountains. Drinking delicious sake and feeling the chilly air on my face while I soak my body in the hot water is simply the best! I love the tradition of “yukimi-zake” and will definitely visit here again to experience it as a guest this winter.


TEL 0256-47-2211

Niigata Prefecture, Sanjo City, Nagano 1450


Train, Bus – Tsubame-Sanjo Station or Higashi-Sanjō Station
※There is one shuttle bus service daily from Higashi-Sanjo Station or Tsubame-Sanjo Station (reservation required)

Car – Via National Highway 289 from the Hokuriku Expressway Sanjo-Tsubame IC about 45 minutes

Free parking


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