• A beautiful rural landscape, selected as one of the top one hundred terraced paddy fields.
  • During the last third of April, the light purple dogtooth violets are in full bloom.
  • The riverside scenery along the way and the towering two hundred meter-high cliffs of Yagigahana provide a stunning view.


スクリーンショット 2015-09-30 14.16.36A beautiful rural landscape, selected as one of the top one hundred terraced paddy fields.

This place, where you can view mountains like Mt. Awagatake and Mt. Sumon-dake in the distance and see where the terraced paddy fields stretch into the slopes, is a place which still has the kind of nostalgic pastoral landscapes that might appear in stories from long ago.

スクリーンショット 2015-09-30 14.17.22

Along the way, there are places like Yagigahana, selected as one of Niigata Prefecture’s top one hundred sites of scenic beauty, and the Ikarashi River, where you can have fun rafting – it is a truly picturesque area.

スクリーンショット 2015-09-30 14.06.56The light purple dogtooth violets are in full bloom

Every year, just around the 20th of April, you can see the dogtooth violets and cherry blossoms as they take centre stage in nature. (Note: A “terraced paddy field” refers to a kind of paddy field structured in a step formation, used on the steep slopes of mountainous areas.)

The sounds of frogs resounding through the grass, and the sloping paths characteristic of these stepped fields…

If you take a moment while climbing to look back, there, you will be able to see the beautiful rural landscapes of the terraced paddy fields below you.

If you continue to go up the slope and take a left at the fork in the road, you will find a blanket of dogtooth violets spread out under the cherry trees.

スクリーンショット 2015-09-30 14.10.27

When the snow that fell and piled up in winter disappears, and the delicate light purple dogtooth violets start to show their faces, spring will soon be here.

Within the dogtooth violets that grow clustered here, it seems that there is an extremely rare white flower blooming – said to be one in a hundred thousand. Please try to see if you can find it.

In Japan, you can feel the change in the seasons in this way – through the kinds of flowers blooming and the cries of insects.

What makes up your “Memories of Japan’s Four Seasons”?



I visited here in the last week of April. Cherry blossoms were starting to fall but the dogtooth violets were in full bloom. Looking at the snow capped mountains through these beautiful flowers was truly fascinating.

I saw some people taking photos and they looked happy. People may become aware of the coming of spring with the blooming of the dogtooth violets.

Sanjō City Business Strategy Office

408 Kitaimogawa Sanjo city, Niigata

Start from JR East, Sanjō Station, then take the bus heading towards “Yagigahana Onsen (Hot Spring).” After about 50 minutes, get off at “Yagigahana Onsen”, and then walk for ten more minutes.
Take the Hokuriku Expressway, 50 minutes from the Sanjō-Tsubame I.C. by car
Proceeding towards the sign reading “The Terraced Paddy Fields of Kitaimogawa”, you will reach a junction of three roads just in front of the Kitsu Store. After taking the path to the left and heading towards the mountainside, you will reach the entrance. Please continue onwards according to the directions given on the information board off to the side of the loghouse.

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