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Japanese pampas grass Buddhist monk

Rice Fields & Mt. Gozu Range


  A Rice field at Sasagami village You might want to draw a picture rather than taking photos by watching this simple beauty of serene rice fields and Mt.Gozu range. There’s a spring water spot near by here, so it’s good to rinse your mouth before you go on a walk around here. In summer, you can enjoy the glow of fireflies around here. It’s not a firefly hatchery, so this place doesn’t swarm with fireflies though. But you can enjoy natural ones flying modestly. I visited some firefly hatchery (usually very crowded) but I prefer the quiet atmosphere of this place. Their subtle glow always reminds me of the sense of…

small canyon Mononoke

Kenryukyo – reminds you of the princess Mononoke world


Clear Water Runs Through a Mossy Monolith Kenryukyo (剣龍峡) is a small canyon located at the foot of Mt.Gozu. A stream of clear water runs on a slab of rocks and water drops create a pleasant rhythm. Actually, this place is registered as a sightseeing spot of Shibata city, but since it’s not that famous, people seldom come. I go to Mt. Gozu a few times per a week to refresh myself – this place has become one of my best retreats. Like the Princess Mononoke World Surrounded by the deep green forrest, a mystic atmosphere drifts around this place where Kodama  (spirits that inhabit trees) might pop up by chance. The…

japan cherry blossom

The Terraced Paddy Fields of Kitaimogawa

Featured, Nature

Highlights A beautiful rural landscape, selected as one of the top one hundred terraced paddy fields. During the last third of April, the light purple dogtooth violets are in full bloom. The riverside scenery along the way and the towering two hundred meter-high cliffs of Yagigahana provide a stunning view.   A beautiful rural landscape, selected as one of the top one hundred terraced paddy fields. This place, where you can view mountains like Mt. Awagatake and Mt. Sumon-dake in the distance and see where the terraced paddy fields stretch into the slopes, is a place which still has the kind of nostalgic pastoral landscapes that might appear in stories…

japan Sun Sinking

The Evening Sun Sinking into the Sea of Japan


The Sea of Japan Evening Sun Line If you drive for ten minutes out of Niigata’s city center, from spring through to summer, you can see the beautiful evening sun within the silhouette of Sado Island in the distance, and in autumn, you can see it sinking into the Sea of Japan.  Niigata Prefecture is long from north to south, with an amazing 331.3 kilometers of coastline – combined with Sado Island and Awashima Island, the total length amounts to 635.2 kilometers. Facing that much ocean, Niigata is abounding in spots to view the evening sun from – this coastline is known by the name of “The Sea of Japan…