Nostalgic Japan is a web magazine, travel guide, and community website for those who love nostalgic atmosphere in good old days of Japan.

額縁 NJ

  • Web Magazine

This website is to introduce you the historical background and cultural tradition of Japan. The team is all living in the countryside of Japan and will convey not only just basic information, but also in-depth contents in rural Japan which’ve never been focused on before. Here you will be able to deepen your knowledge of Japanese culture pleasantly.

  • Travel Guide

It’s very hard to find a lot of information about rural areas when you make plans to travel around the rural areas of Japan. It’s because of the language boundary and the fact that Japanese people are not good at conveying things about themselves.

In this web magazine, we focus on various spots in rural areas and share that useful information to help you to make your trip much more gratifying and extraordinary.

  • Small Community

This is not only just a travel guide or a web magazine. We would like to develop this website into a small community for those who love mother nature, traditional culture, and a nostalgic atmosphere.

If you are the type of person who prefers to walk alone in nature, and a person who tries to feel the senses of ancient people by watching old handmade crafts, or a person who can’t help but smile when coming across the beautiful sunset and grasses waving in nature from the tender effects of the wind; this is the right place to fit in.

You’re not the only one who has these kinds of senses. We think it would bring more happiness to everyone to make this website to become a bridge to connect these type of people with nature worldwide.


hAlso, if you have an introverted disposition like us, I can guarantee you will enjoy having an extraordinary journey here. Remember, the rural Japan is the safest place to explore even alone.

We mainly focus on the Japan sea side and convey contents in rich. Please come and experience not only just the apparent beauty, but the essence hidden in the other side of Japan .

Note: As for the FOOD contents in this website. 

I quit eating meat after thinking about animal rights. So in this project, meat-eating contents or advertisements wouldn’t show up. (including sushi)

I believe the essense of Japanese food culture is in fermented foods which have been cultivated for a long time. Actually, before westernized, Japanese people didn’t used to eat meat (4-legged animals) it’s because they found some kind of gods in animals. Those people who eat 4 legged animals used to be called YOTSU (4 legs) and even regarded as a barbarian.

In this website, I’d like to focus on fermented foods and traditional noodles like soba/udon. Anyways, at least while you stay in rural Japan, please go organic healthy foods not to hurt animals just like Japanese people of long ago showed their respects toward mother natures.

I appreciate your understanding.

Kojiro Horihrz