Yukari Hanaoka

Hello! I’m a writer / photographer / editor at Nostalgic Japan.

Nostalgic Japan is a website for enjoying good old nostalgic places. If we can share times and sceneries that make us feel, “Ah, this feels so nostalgic” with people all over the world, nothing would make us happier – that’s how we feel in making this website. I’m very pleased to meet you!

I’m not good at writing in English. But I will do my best little by little.


My Favorite Things

  • Going for a Drive

When I have time, I like going out for a drive by myself. If, while listening to my favorite music, some scenery that catches my eye, I stop the car and just take a little time to daydream. Just by doing that, even if it’s for a very short period of time, I feel calm and refreshed – for me, it’s a precious, irreplaceable time.

  • Music

Music is as must when I’m driving or working.

I personally play guitar as well. Flamenco guitar is the kind of guitar music I love the most. I also do work where I plan events together with some of these artists.

  • Nature

I love Japan’s scenery, with its mountains and rivers. From now on, I’ll keep finding and introducing lots of places that have a nostalgic atmosphere to you.

  • Color

I also have a job as a color coordinator. In my articles, I’d like to convey something of these colors of traditional Japanese culture, and all their subtle differences.

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