Kojiro Hori


Chief Editor

Hi there. Welcome to Nostalgic Japan. I’m an administrator of this project. Taking a nap in nostalgic place where a tender wind blows is the most happiest time in my life. I’m sure I wouldn’t get better feelings more than this. It would be great to see people who love nostalgic atmosphere. I hope you enjoy our web magazine.

IMG_5902-1024x682Nostalgic Wind Carrying the Scents of Old Memories

In the summer of 2006, I had the good fortune of taking a trip alone in Europe. I left for Berlin with my iPod filled with my favorite songs, change of clothes, and DSLR packed in my backpack. I walked around Europe for 7 weeks and visited 23 cities.

During the trip, I came across some sceneries where I couldn’t help but my tears flow to see (with no reason), and I felt nostalgia even though visiting there for the first time. Ever so often, the wind carrying old scents blew from somewhere, and at the moment I suddenly recalled my old memories and senses that I used to have. I was like “This is it! This is what I wanted to get back”. I closed my eyes and focused on only the sense of smell, but they always faded away gradually.

I came across the wind not in big cities, but in the small towns like in PEI in Canada and Provence in the Southern France.

I believe the tender wind carrying the scents of my old memories should be always flying around somewhere on this planet. It allows me to get back to childhood even for a few seconds and reminds me of my lost precious senses. So I go on a trip to see and feel the wind again.

Have you ever had this kind of experience before? Possibly and luckily, you might run into this nostalgic wind blowing in the scenic beauty of rural Japan.

some more info 

  • Salon

I run a small salon in my house. I’ve worked as a manipulative therapist and served treatment based on oriental medicine for about 4 years and a half.

  • Gardener

Gardening is a fundamental art for me. I have spent about 10 years to renovate my garden. Building the ultimate garden is my consuming passion at most.

  • Buddhism

When I was around 30, I met Buddhism and it has affected what I am today.


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