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Nostalgic Atmosphere

Nostalgic feeling is a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time. And we even feel this sense to things we haven’t experienced and serene places we haven’t visited before.   

Simply described, it is the feeling which includes warm loneliness, tranquil silence, and small happiness.  This nostalgic atmosphere is the main axis for us to choose the contents in this project.

If you have these senses or possibly lived in Japan in your past life, you’ll definitely enjoy our contents. We love to share this subtle sense with you through this project.

nj dragon2 The essence of Japan

What made you take an interest in Japan might be manga, video games, or highly advanced technology. Those things just emerged within the last 50 years or so. The essence of Japan is hidden in a traditional culture thats been cultivated for more than 2000 years and of which is the way of life with mother nature.

In rural Japan, there’s a lot of archetypal sceneries and buildings which have never been focused before. You can touch the subtleness and refine things of Japanese traditional culture here.

The Importance of Silence

Major sightseeing spots are very gorgeous, but it’s crowded all the time and the mass amount of the people that go there tend to make it a noisy place at times.

The main attraction of visiting rural Japan is to feel the atmosphere of nostalgic Japan. Since we are far removed from the commercial centers of Tokyo, I can guarantee that you will be able to feel and experience the real Wabi-Sabi (The Beauty in Imperfection) and Yugen (A spiritual feeling too deep for words) here. As you may know, “silence” is an essential factor to feel them.

ノスタルジアFind Yourself in Rural Japan

Throwing yourself into the world of different culture and spending serene time in the place where nobody knows you would bring you a objective point of view to see yourself. And you might realize how much your mind is bounded and it’s time to let it go. Leaving fears and worries behind you and focusing on a simple beauty are really important sometimes. The most valuable trip is to gain an “awareness“.

12185061_943552072359311_1501744721171986827_oSharpen Your Five Senses

You will want to compose a haiku by coming across archetypal sceneries of Ryokan’s zen poetry. Not only people living here, but the sound of birds, insects, and trees will welcome you. So be sensitive and get ready to be a poet, otherwise you’ll miss something deep and become like the many tourists who only usually say ”I’ve been there.”

The more sensitive that you become towards mother nature and the deep nostalgic culture of Japan, the more fantastic your trip will be in those rural areas.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,

but in having new eyes.                                     -Marcel Proust