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Nostalgic Japan is a web magazine, travel guide, and community website for those who love nostalgic atmosphere in good old days of Japan. Web Magazine This website is to introduce you the historical background and cultural tradition of Japan. The team is all living in the countryside of Japan and will convey not only just basic information, but also in-depth contents in rural Japan which’ve never been focused on before. Here you will be able to deepen your knowledge of Japanese culture pleasantly. Travel Guide It’s very hard to find a lot of information about rural areas when you make plans to travel around the rural areas of Japan. It’s because of the...


Nostalgic Atmosphere Nostalgic feeling is a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time. And we even feel this sense to things we haven’t experienced and serene places we haven’t visited before.    Simply described, it is the feeling which includes warm loneliness, tranquil silence, and small happiness.  This nostalgic atmosphere is the main axis for us to choose the contents in this project. If you have these senses or possibly lived in Japan in your past life, you’ll definitely enjoy our contents. We love to share this subtle sense with you through this project.  The essence of Japan What made you take an interest in Japan might be manga, video...

Meet the Team

Thank you for taking an interest in our project. We’re conveying from the suburbs of Niigata city where a stretch of rice field creates a serene atmosphere. As for this magazine, we don’t have an enough budget like a publishing company and haven’t been provided subsidies. Plus we create this magazine while having other jobs, so please excuse us that we have to go slowly. But as taking time, we try to make the contents rich as possible as we can. We hope you enjoy this magazine.   Translators: Eli Angie Taylor Contributors: Gaku Kamimura Lina Takanarita Nesha Williams Jahan Honma Monica Peviani   Special Thanks to: Hatsune Okamura Kentaro...