Thank you for taking an interest in our project. We’re conveying from the suburbs of Niigata city where a stretch of rice field creates a serene atmosphere. As for this magazine, we don’t have an enough budget like a publishing company and haven’t been provided subsidies. Plus we create this magazine while having other jobs, so please excuse us that we have to go slowly. But as taking time, we try to make the contents rich as possible as we can. We hope you enjoy this magazine.

Kojiro Hori

Chief Editor Hi there. Welcome to Nostalgic Japan. I’m an administrator of this project. Taking a nap in nostalgic place where a tender wind blows is the most happiest time in my life. I’m sure I wouldn’t get better feelings more than this. It would be great to see people who love nostalgic atmosphere. I hope you enjoy our web […]

Yukari Hanaoka

Hello! I’m a writer / photographer / editor at Nostalgic Japan. Nostalgic Japan is a website for enjoying good old nostalgic places. If we can share times and sceneries that make us feel, “Ah, this feels so nostalgic” with people all over the world, nothing would make us happier – that’s how we feel in […]



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